Yearly Recap | 2016

In my mind, 2016 went by way too fast. Or maybe there were just so many special memories made that I wanted to keep stopping time to relive certain instances that just happened 2 weeks prior, or 2 months prior. It was also a year when many weeks felt like they all blurred together. Getting home late, not having energy to do more work, taking 4-5 days just to take one step forward in regards to cooking a meal, putting all the laundry away, and finally starting to edit another project that was due asap. There were, and still are times where I can’t get anything done because I waste time thinking about all the things I have to do. I still haven’t nailed it yet, but things are good, they’re busy. I’m thankful for the turmoil and adventure this year has brought. Let’s begin.


  • Brought in the New Year with Sarah, Robin, & David. Ate Mexican food in Lake Arrowhead on a whim, went to Redlands and found a bar 10 minutes before midnight that everyone was dressed really nicely at while we were in puffer jackets, and were able to get a drink from the bartender in time to clink glasses and say, “Hey guys, we actually did New Years with no effort.” Not what you’d expect and a 100% my style. I miss you fools.
  • YOSEMITE with the best people ever, saw Tina and her family in Sac, met Kelly for lunch in Sac too, hung out with some Aussie friends in San Francisco, oh boy. San Francisco. Say bye to car window, ONA bag, and Canon Ae-1 because SF was brutal to me this time.
  • Jewel & Ellison’s wedding, Christin’s Gender Reveal, Mallory & Jay’s engagement photos in Yosemite.


  • Jay proposed to Megan, shared my Israel/Palestine photos with Tiyya, shot a wedding with Gabe
  • Went back to Norcal for President’s Day Weekend with Wilby. Napa, Vacaville, Davis, SF. Everyone thought it was very romantic.  Biked to Baker Beach and Golden Gate.
  • Pablo & Judit came to LA and we took photos, I shot a video for ROCKHARBOR,


  • Back to Norcal for Daniel & Cheryl’s engagement photos in SF, met Pablo & Judit in SF again! Shot my first wedding video. Hosted a Q& A session with Valerie.
  • Melissa & Andrew’s wedding, shot another wedding video with Gabe, took sooo many Easter photos
  • PORTLAND with Aaron & Tori. Saw Melissa, Ali, and ate all the food and donuts (on my birthday). Camping in the rain at Cape Lookout. Loved it but also torture.


  • Dang, April was amazing. Editing a ton and Felice & Tony’s wedding
  • Rome, Lisbon, Barcelona, Copenhagen. Need I say more. Good times with the Wolves: Maciej, Martjin, Carmela, Hugo, Pablo, Rafal, + more, more!
  • Met amazing people: Marco, the people at Centro Cristão da Cidade, Hillsong CPH, my hostel roommates: Christina, Camille.
  • I hated leaving. Hated.
  • Started my “New Job” the next day I returned. WOW. Sam had her baby, meaning I’m back working at RH! Also shot a cool wedding with Kevin.


  • Best friend is moving to Chicago. The goodbye tour began: lots of Portola, karaoke, A&J, 4th Street Market, sadness.
  • Women’s Retreat: met amazing girls. Love you Summer, Leslie, Cami, Gabs, Jillian. Such good timing because oh my lawd. Needed you guys.
  • Hayley & Kyle’s wedding. Danced the night away.


  • Matt Corby. Wow, didn’t this JUST HAPPEN?
  • Krisandra & Mark’s wedding, Joana & Dennis’s wedding, wedding with JC, & Gabe.
  • Staff Retreat for RH in Forest Home and a communication conference at Saddleback, oh boy. SO good.


  • Went on a blind date omg. It was chill.
  • TEEN CAMP! So good. Smorgasburg with Joy, YAS. Continuous unlucky events the day I met Natalie & Scott to shoot pre-wedding footage. Locked out, had to run down street, eye allergy, locked phone, had to phone friends using strangers phone, omg.
  • Natalie & Scott’s wedding.


  • Shot a wedding with Kevin and then I met to… Dallas to spend the night with Megan and then… MEXICO CITY. Solo. It was amazing. Hated leaving as usual. I met Rachel & Isaac, and their friend Arielle and oh my. Unforgettable. I also met Alfonso’s friend Pena and did some photo shoots with three different couples. All who were so gracious and amazing.
  • Saw the effin’ pyramids of Teotihuacan. WHAT.
  • Saw a familiar face in Phoenix. Whoa.
  • Patty & Alfred’s wedding! Kellianne was my second shooter. Killin’ it.


  • Yakima finally happened yo. It was a fun trip with Gabe and I headed to Seattle afterwards to chill. Stayed in a hostel where I didn’t really meet anyone I still keep in touch with but I got to spend some time with one of my favorite people, Tiarra. Also got to be a blown with Jacob, JMONEY Seaman Wilson. I took photos of Alia in the city and they came out bomb. Need to finish editing ahh.
  • Vegas with my family. Saw Camille after a bajillion years and met her Belgian BF.
  • Shot Grace & Carlos’s wedding. my first time shooting a funeral, attended Beer & Hymms.


  • Quick trip to Yosemite with Andy. I don’t remember sleeping. Just hiking and not eating.
  • Kelly visited, and then Wilbert visited. That was a tornado. HIked the Hollywood Sign, got tacos, and then was hit by a drunk driver. We shot Sean & Sydney’s wedding, and then I shot Martha & Tony’s wedding.
  • Daniel & Cheryl’s wedding, Kendall’s family surprise party, coolhipmom


  • CHICAGO was amazing. Best people ever. Visiting Wilbert and also taking Jessica, Kelly, and Kellianne with me was definitely best case scenario.
  • Met two Aussies by the name of Luke Skywalker & Ben Kenobi. Fake names obviously.
  • Tons of photos to edit and video, hope I survived. Cordell shoot,
  • Joy’s show, Photobooth,