Palace of Fine Arts Engagement Session

The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco is an incredible location for an engagement or wedding shoot and so close to other iconic views like Crissy Field and news of the Golden Gate bridge. If you get lucky, you could end up like us and get a rare and stunning pink and blue sunset looking across the bay.

I hit the ultimate jackpot when I was chosen to work with Kat and James. As soon as we met, I instantly connected to their sweet, easy-going and gracious souls who were pretty much so easy to photograph and enjoy my time with. We discussed outfits and they absolutely nailed the neutral, casual, yet clean, stylish and slightly grungy vision I had in mind. The classic architecture of the Palace of Fine Arts for this engagement session contrasted perfectly with the moody overcast, chilling light and we made some of the most cinematic imagery I had ever shot with carefree blurs, wind-swept hair, and a sunset that came straight from an indie film.

Not kidding when I say that lots of time is spent in both the Bay & LA. This was the first time we split an engagement session in half to do some photos in SF and the rest in LA and I’m so happy with the outcome! I also loved spending time with Kat & James, who obviously find solace in both stretches of California coastline. They met in Berkeley, but both are so-cal kids. It makes my heart pound how life situations bring us to our loved ones. I got to meet them at their home in San Francisco while I was in town and we met up a bit ago in Los Angeles to contrast the SF fog with a lot of December sun. Which do you prefer? I honestly can’t choose. I’m too much of a maximalist (when it comes to experiences) and variety hoe to have a favorite. Is there a better word for variety hoe? Please let me know. For now, enjoy this feat with me and look out for more pics, I will not cease sharing these. I felt like these are glimpses from a movie, and of course that crazy pink SF sunset felt hella cinematic.