San Francisco, California | Cheryl & Daniel

I was filled with so much joy and excitement when I flew up to meet Cheryl and Daniel in San Francisco for the first time. After being in communication online, I had a sense that not only a foggy San Francisco day would make this photo session amazing. It felt like we went all over San Francisco that day: all the good stuff. However, the parts I value the most were the conversations had over tapas by the ferry building, dinner, and ice cream in the sunset district. I remember the night before I met them: feeling unable to rest. I can’t quite pinpoint why but it was enough unrest to book an impulsive trip to Europe that night. I remember that Daniel and Cheryl were the first people I told about it. We hit it off right away and by the end of the night we were able to share prayers for each other, hopes and dreams for our family and friends, and be an overall encouragement to each other before their wedding day. One fun part of this engagement session was that my friend, Pablo Beglez, was able to join us all the way from the Canary Islands with beautiful Judit. He’s a wonderful photographer whom I learned so much from. As we approach their wedding day, I am filled with much more peace and ease than that night in March. Although life can be stressful, I remember than I serve a purpose: to God, myself, and this wonderful couple. After getting to know them and keeping in contact, I consider them friends for life and I’m so excited about what a testament their wedding day will be to the world. Meeting them made my life better, as dramatic as that may come off, but it’s true. I love telling people about their love.

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