Oystera Todos Santos

Oystera Todos Santos is a must-visit in this quiet coastal town in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Looking more into the history of this pueblo, you’ll find it was the sugar cane capital in all of Baja. Oystera is primarily an oyster bar with other food and drinks located in the old Santa Terra Sugar Mill and a lot of the history has been retained while being an attractive place for travelers to nice dinner out in a laid-back town.

I knew that although I’ve never had the guts to try oysters before, this was the place I was going to do it. Gladly, I’d have oysters all over again. Oystera Todos Santos had unique cocktails, amazing seafood, fantastic service, and a great setting. We also had a creamy soup, calamari and other fried items with aiolis, one of the best filets of grill fish we’ve ever had, and the best, smokey and unique mezcal cocktails and carajillos. Restaurants in this area seemed to have a fly problem, sugar in the air perhaps? And it felt like a bit of a rush to eat everything, but it still didn’t take away from the rich flavors and experience. They were great about providing little fans and everything otherwise was really clean. It was amazing to have the huge doors let in a nice breeze and to have a view of the greenery and sunset on the property. It’s a beautiful historic building in a very walkable, artistic town. I’m excited to make this frankly simple, accessible and achievable getaway a regular place for years to come. Wondering more about how we got there from Cabo? You can read more about where we stayed, beached, ate more, and our rental car situation here.