Joshua Tree | Nikki & Parker

I’ve been friends with Nikki & Parker for a couple years now and let me tell you, they are one of the coolest, sweetest couples I know. I have the pleasure to work with them, be their neighbor, and change the world with them. Their hearts yearn to see justice and good on this earth and I love how they have a willingness to continually learn. You’ll find them listening to good music, reading together, enjoying nature, and frequently lighting up the room with clever jokes and the occasional dad dance move (I’m talking about Parker for that one). Nikki loves functional design, ethical fashion, and drinks decaf; Parker loves coffee, NPR, & riding his new scooter around. Their music taste lies somewhere in-between Kendrick Lamar and Dawes. They’ve been sweethearts since they were like …  four? It might as well be four because they’ve been together forever since they lived in Michigan, got engaged in Switzerland, married in their early twenties, and made the beautiful beach town of Costa Mesa their home. It’s a gift to be their friend and I can’t wait to see what we’re all like in the future when we’re old, but hell to the no don’t want it to come too soon. We took our world-changing, Washington DC friend Jordan to the desert back in the winter time and decided to snap a few photos. Thanks for being a cute example of marriage and fun. xo