El Pescadero and Playa Cerritos

In El Pescadero, you’ll find a laid-back village that is steps away from the beach coupled with friendly people and serene accommodations.

Knowing I wanted to fly into Cabo, yet stay somewhere farther away from the hustle, I knew visiting El Pescadero would be the best option for chill, clean beaches, lower prices, friendlier faces, and access to the cute town of Todos Santos. I was not disappointed by the minimal and affordable accommodation of the Cabañas 33 1/2 that I found on Airbnb, but booked through Booking.com.

At the property, there are six cabins, named Cabaña A through F. The all have a sliding door with a view of the coast, a private bathroom and shower, and mosquito net. We loved having pool access that was just steps away and it was great to drive 3-5 minutes to Cerritos Beach and end the nights at the pool.

Three nights was perfect, but we didn’t want to leave. Each night, we met fellow travelers, mostly people from Cabo San Lucas or San Jose that wanted a weekday getaway from the city or from work. It was so great to meet other people who lived in Mexico who deemed Pescadero the perfect, serene place to get away for a day or two. One of the days, it was Taylor’s birthday, and we met a family who was celebrating their cumpleaños on the same day. They were so sweet to share photos and birthday cake with us. Another couple invited us to check out their restaurant down south.

Although we loved access to Todos Santos, we still couldn’t help but try restaurants in Cabo, like Manta or Acre. We ended up driving from Pescadero to Cabo a few times with our cute little rental car and the highway had amazing views on the way to dinner. Driving home from dinner was long, but never felt dangerous due to the safe and wide highways.

Spending the days at Playa Cerritos consisted of wading in the clear water and waves for hours, buying huge piña coladas from local vendors and sitting under umbrellas that were rentable from the surf school. Playa Cerritos is walkable from the cabañas, but in order to make it to all our meals and reservations, we opted to drive, especially because it was also pretty hot outside. The dirt road is a bit bumpy in a car, but easy to do. Also walkable from the accommodation was a cafe called Same Same, but Different. We loved having our coffee and breakfasts there and the staff was incredibly friendly and food was fantastic. We can’t wait to return to our little pueblito lifestyle and spend days at the beach, drifting in calm, clear waters.