Downtown Los Angeles | Ashley & Tim

Oh man, oh man. So stoked. I have been holding out on these photos since February for two reasons. #1: Life is crazy. #2: I seriously I thought I would be finished editing these on the day of, but I realized they were too many good moments and I got overwhelmed with trying to pick out the best ones. Tim knows. He’s a photographer also so I’m glad he understands.

Wow, Tim and Ashley. I’m so grateful to have met a gracious and loving pair like you. With visual platforms in everyone’s face these days and a pressure on creative people to always be “on” in front of an audience, knowing you guys have no fear in being transparent is humbling. Watching your willingness to grow in your craft shows determination. Having no shame to ask questions and admit fears shows true maturity. Most importantly, always having an uninterruptible heart shows your love for people and community. There’s no doubt that as a young, engaged couple there’s a lot of pressure for perfection, but I admire the way you both work so hard for your future and for each other: even if it means commuting and sacrificing quality time with each other. It’s noble and I so encourage you to enjoy this season because before you know it, marriage.

This reminds me of the a song I was listening to last night. Seinfield starts the song…

Seinfield: Getting engaged is like getting, uh, it’s the first hill of the roller coaster and you hear those clickers, the loud sound – this really violent, metal
‘chunka-chunka-chunka’ and you go, “What, what’s going on here,” You know? “Boy this thing is really, really goes high!”
Wale: I’m looking down, ‘Oh shoot!’
Seinfield: And then you go over the top, the wedding is at the top. You go over the top, it’s the wedding and then you’re just screaming.
Wale: Even if you make plans you never think you’re really ready for marriage?
Seinfield: No it’s uh, it’s like any growth. You’re no- you can’t be ready for it because tha- it’s growth, it’s gonna be new. It’s gonna be new. You’re gonna have a new life, you’re gonna be a new person.

Thank you so much for being down to hang out in LA with Pablo and I, introduce me to your friends, and now, having a friendship that hey, may not entail hanging out all the time, but providing safe and loving space to chat about anything in the world we want and just exist. See you at Raising Canes after church! xoarts district engagement photos los angelesarts district engagement photos los angelescouple laughing los angeles engagementLosSarells (17)LosSarells (67)LosSarells (150)LosSarells (104)LosSarells (130)LosSarells (301)LosSarells (313)LosSarells (330)LosSarells (349)LosSarells (244)LosSarells (242)LosSarells (268)LosSarells (271)LosSarells (280)LosSarells (235)LosSarells (208)LosSarells (5)LosSarells (47)LosSarells (357)LosSarells (62)LosSarells (322)LosSarells (216)LosSarells (49)LosSarells (190)LosSarells (256)LosSarells (340)LosSarells (168)LosSarells (277)LosSarells (237)LosSarells (194)LosSarells (139)LosSarells (84)LosSarells (94)LosSarells (171)LosSarells (143)LosSarells (164)LosSarells (121)LosSarells (117)LosSarells (69)LosSarells (270)LosSarells (177)LosSarells (163)LosSarells (346)LosSarells (152)


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