Casa Antonieta, Oaxaca Wedding Inspiration

Oaxaca has always been on my list of places to explore. I’m not sure if it’s the food, the mezcal, the beautiful architecture, ruins, or simply the vibrant imagery I’ve seen in movies and photographs, but it didn’t disappoint. I even bought a book on the entire state. I realized that I could spend five years in the state of Oaxaca and not even do everything I seek out to do. Camping, beaches, city, endless food. Oaxca is magic. Mexico is magic. Any place I go, whether it’s Tijuana, Mérida, Tulum, Holbox, DF or another, each city has a distinct life to it. Different cuisine, different energy, and various places to adventure, whether, it’s a hike through wilderness or city.

When searching for things to do and see in Oaxaxa, the list is quite endless. As a photographer, I didn’t run out of places to shoot or things to see. One of my favorite places moments after a long day’s journey trying mezcal in Santiago Matalán was checking in to the beautiful Casa Antonieta. I don’t consider myself a luxurious person at all, but I do try to experience the most variety and beauty I can when visiting a new place. It makes me a tad crazy sometimes, but the passion to do, see, taste, and try everything really lights a fire inside of me rather than making the experience chaotic or stressful. If I can save money every where else, I can treat myself later and that what this was.

After a quick search just weeks before the trip, I found Casa Antonieta and knew I had to experience this beautiful, historic place. I’m happy to share these photos of Eder & Ivonne. This couple had become truly one of my closest friends in Oaxaca and they’re generosity, humor, kindness, and love is infectious.

Casa Antonieta is a wonderful place for an intimate wedding with family and friends or even a place to stay in the middle of the city when gearing up for a bigger wedding. I love their coffee shop, Muss Café, which provided some of the best treats and lattes I tried in the city. They made sure to create this beautiful place while maintaining its originality. It’s so close to the Zócalo and many other wonderful restaurants, bars, shops, and markets. Here’s an excerpt from their site:

Oaxaca has an unparalleled historical heritage, as you walk through its streets you will find some architectural sites dating from the seventeenth century, temples, houses, squares and walkways that share the same Spanish colonial style and are proof of the great cultural wealth we have inherited. We are proud to tell you that Casa Antonieta is part of the first buildings in Oaxaca, The Spanish Villa de Antequera was built in mid-1529, between the current streets of Independencia and Hidalgo. Located in the first block of this project. We are part of the construction of the old convent of San Pablo, which contains the first evidence of human occupation in the area of Oaxaca. The site served as a parish of the indigenous population that lived in the towns around the city.

– Casa Antonieta

Beautiful photos are important, but when I read about a place that has so much depth and connectedness with history and humanity, it makes me appreciate the privilege to be there so much more. Along with all vendors, the Casa Antonieta staff was incredible. Gracious, humble, creative, helpful. Thank you to all of them for being a part of this opportunity. The next post from another beautiful wedding and reception space coming soon.

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