Chelsea & Adrian | Crestmore Manor Wedding

If you’re getting married, love is a given. If you can’t get down on the dance floor like no one is watching though, I might have doubts. The Galindos made me a believer.

It’s rare that I don’t get to meet a couple before their wedding day. However, in the very small, yet pleasant interactions that I had with Chelsea & Adrian beforehand, I knew that their day would be sweet, relaxed, and filled with so much love. I came to find that the day was that and so much more. I’ve never seen smiles like Chelsea & Adrian. Or dance moves quite like theirs either.

I spent the greater portion of the day overwhelmed in a good way. The details, venue, and light was perfect. I was emotionally stumbling because of the heartfelt speeches, the couple’s insane sense of humor, and sweating my butt off because the dance floor was KILLER. I was so mad that I didn’t save the videos from that day because boy, everyone at that wedding could bust a move and it took all I had within me to not join in. Okay, I totally joined in. And SO DID KEVIN. That man almost broke his speedlight when he TURNED DOWN FOR WHAT.

Kevin was able to shoot this wedding with me in a moments notice and I’m so glad he did because his eye, talent, carefree-spirit, and creativity helped me out in a number of ways. Check out his work!