“Imagining what life would look like in five years for me would include my very own cookie business. So, I asked myself, “Why not start now?”. The passion I have for sweets and hospitality make up Golez Pastries. I love learning everyday while working towards my degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. An increase of love has gone towards the industry and I am thrilled while thinking about the future that God has for me!” CAMILLE (28)

I haven’t know Cami for very long. Actually, I didn’t know her up until exactly two months ago but she’s one of those people that you think you’ve know forever. And yes indeed, she has the gift of hospitality. I have never met a more welcoming and warm person who makes friends and strangers feel welcome in her home. She loves baking for her friends and community. In a day and age where self-interest is valued, she breaks the barrier and puts so much of her heart into others. Even if baking has nothing to do with it, I have seen iron-clad examples of her selfless character: hearing stories about how she gives rides to friends who can’t drive or pushing her friends to be the people that they were made to be. She exemplifies the definition of love. Sacrificing her time, energy, and personal needs in order to care for others. A wonderful, generous host, an A+ party planner, and a great daughter, sister, girlfriend, and one day, wife. The man she marries is going to be a lucky one. Her personality is light, it;s infectious, and it comes naturally.

Concerning her baking business, one, her cookies are delicious. Two, I am so excited for what she wants to do with her business. Her dream is to bake and sell and give back to the community. A few examples she mentioned were helping various ministries at her church by giving a portion of the money into a particular ministry like orphan care or homelessness or donating the money back to a friend who may be raising funds for a mission trip. I can’t wait to see the future shop.



Camille Golez

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