My photography story wasn’t all that impressive to me. Not at first anyway. It started with traveling. Those were my favorite photos. On one night during my 3rd year of college while studying for a subject that I can’t even recall, someone commented an arbitrary photo and said, “From these pics I think you should leave whatever you’re studying behind and pursue photography.” I chuckled and said, “Guess I’ll start a photography business now.” I realized later on how incredible that was. The way people in your life are used to mold your story. That cycle continues and my story, who knows, is used to tell another persons, and another. One word can change everything.

It blows my mind to even say that I have 'clients'. It fills me with joy that I get to play a part in making people feel confident in who they are, inspiring others to want to go out and explore the world, and to be a part of their best day ever. I have a desire to continue learning new and crazy things. My hope is to be childlike in the sense of honesty and pure fun, yet be wise in my understanding of the world through exploration, growth, admiration, and open-heartedness. Photography allows me to show off my odd side, meet cool people, tell untold stories, and inspire others to come along for an unforgettable ride.

“All paths lead to the same goal: to convey to others what we are. And we must pass through solitude and difficulty, isolation and silence in order to reach forth to the enchanted place where we can dance our clumsy dance and sing our sorrowful song”.

Pablo Neruda


K & P

Easygoing and REALLY darn talented. If that's speaks to your soul, then hire this sweet girl immediately. I think her work and style speaks for itself, so much so that instagram populated her content for us when we were on the hunt for our wedding photographer. But even then, we had a vision and with minimal (disjointed on our part) communication, she was able to organize our desires and deliver a comfortable and fun experience. Plus, we got the amazing added bonus of her personality. No one tells you that the intense love for your partner doesn't immediately translate into a photograph without some direction which she was able to provide with ease and humor. And she's down for anything --- like changing the location of your engagement shoot three times within a 20-minute period and scouting out a roadside backdrop on the way to your reception just to get THAT picture. It was honestly a perfect fit for us. We fully intend to fly her out to the East Coast for our next big life event because her work is stunning. Why deviate? Thank you so much Andrea, we're obsessed with you.


M + C

I immediately knew I wanted her to photograph our wedding after looking through her pictures. She clearly has an eye for the art and every picture she takes is proof of it. She made my husband and I feel so comfortable and natural and I really think that shows in our photos. She isn’t bossy and listens to what you want but is able to guide and lead you in the process. For me, pictures were my biggest priority for our wedding day because I knew we would look at them forever and Andrea did not disappoint. I’ve had so many people ask me who did our photos and then I immediately gush about how great she was and hand out her info. I highly recommend her as a photographer for ANY special occasion! She’s your girl!


J + T

I would highly recommend Andrea David for anyone looking for a professional photographer in California or Austin. Andrea flew out to Austin, TX from California, and we had an amazing time shooting our engagement photos in a variety of poses and in different outfits all around Austin! Andrea was very creative and such a fun/incredible person to work with. She definitely went above and beyond and I'm am stoked on the results. My family and friends loved the photos as well where they all messaged me separately to compliment the photos on how she made us \\\"look so natural\\\" and \\\"all of the elements are really well done.\\\" We haven't had our wedding yet, but based on the photos from our engagement session, I am very happy we chose her as our photographer. Love her style. Love her work. Would recommend 10/10.


DJ said

I recently had the pleasure to work with Andrea in March and July at the beautiful Lindley-Scott House in Azusa. She is fun to work with and a true professional. I have worked with a lot of great photographers in the Wedding industry in 20 years and Natalie is one of the best. She was made for this business and is at the top of her field. The way she is able to tie in the song with the events happening in the video is amazing! Andrea was able to capture a spin move that the Bride makes outside of the ballroom on the beautiful grounds and mix it together and complete the move into the grooms arms on the dance floor in the ballroom. I was amazed! I need a promo video for my Bridal Shows, YouTube and my office and I want Andrea to utilize her talents and make one for me! Andrea, when can I get my Video! Sincerely, DJ Doug Dill All The Best Tunes DJ Service


K + M

Andrea comes with the highest recommendation. Her photos are beautiful, professional, and classic. She was also wiling to be flexible with me and work with my family and balance each of our wishes, which was a huge help! Andrea also worked super hard to get my photos edited earlier than she had too! She skills and experience is worth every penny.



I Like

John Mayer, Young the Giant, & anything you can dance to
fresh coffee in the morning and the espresso after dinner
flautas, tallarin verde con pollo apanado, xiao long bao, a handmade tagliatelle ragu bolognese
camping, hiking, and backpacking even though i'm slow